The Collaborative Housing Alliance

Why should local authorities be interested?

**New finance
**Bringing alternative sources of finance to housing projects, such as citizen-lending.

**Value for money
**Each pound invested generates higher value in return than conventional housing development.

**Homes are built that would not otherwise be delivered.

**Public Support
**Our workshop approaches generate public support for new housing, unlocking previously unavailable sites.

**Identifying sites
**New land supply brought into the development process that would not have been possible through other means.

**Social cohesion
**The generation of social capital has been proven to be higher through community-led models.

**Climate targets
**Involving residents in the design of their homes results in more ambitious energy approaches, in part due to the pursuit of lower monthly bills.

**Responsive to change
**Neighbourhoods that are flexible to the changing needs of residents and those who require dedicated care services.

Our offer

The hub’s current offer document states different ways that the hub can help Local Authorities:

How we do this

Our ask of you

Across the UK, more

and more local authorities are signing up to support community-led housing.

To enable Collaborative Housing to help your communities deliver more housing, we are asking Local Authorities in the Thames Valley to make a contribution of £2,000 per year, with a minimum two year subscription to ensure we can meet your needs.

Your support is vital in helping us build a financially sustainable service. More information about this role can be found on our website.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Collaborative Housing can do for you, book in a 15-minute chat with one of our advisors.

Book a meeting or send us an email for more information.